A Good Start…More is Possible

My clients and readers of this blog know about my love of technology. For example is where I have offered my views of the importance of Apple’s October 23, 2001 announcement of the iPod. The audacity of Apple to introduce what was effectively a MP3 player where Apple decided to set retail prices of $399 and $499. If you recall at that point in history, MP3 players were free give aways at events, and high-end players were 30 bucks at a discount retailer. That all changed with the iPod.

Apple proved that the marriage of hardware design and software should be indelibly linked in all phrases on product development. I think the iPod pushed people to think about questioning the formerly impossible or revisiting the “good enough.”

The company Nest, is a great example of revisiting the good enough when it comes to programmable thermostats. For me, like many folks, the square-ish beige box on the wall was good enough and I never questioned if there could be an attractive alternative. The Nest device is beautiful and will soon grace my hall wall at home.

This post was prompted by me reading an article in the New York Times regarding retailers embracing catalog apps. I’ve taken a look at some of these apps and, as the title suggest, its a good start but much more is possible. I expect these catalogs to be more social. I want to see what I will call a CML (Catalog Markup Language) which allows me to virtually try on a pair of pants from one vendor and a shirt from another vendor, and purchase both in one transaction. There is a lot more these smart apps can do but the worst thing that can happen is to take existing print catalogs and simply allow the pages to be clickable. More is possible.

Posted April 22, 2014