Microsoft Office for the iPad?! If so, RIP Windows 8 Tablet!

A few days ago, I opined on how Microsoft has an opportunity with its Windows 8 operating system on its highly anticipated tablet platform. Today, The Daily is reporting that Microsoft plans to get its Office software suite on the iPad. The last line of the article states, “The full versions of Office for Mac and Windows 8 are expected to launch near the end of 2012, though the iPad version could come well ahead of that date.” As a loyal iPad user who is often frustrated due to the lack of compatibility of existing word processing software on the iPad, I would more than welcome Office on the iPad but I don’t understand why Microsoft would release an iPad version of Office prior to the release of Windows 8 for the tablet. To be clear, if Windows 8 tablet is the only game in town for a tablet version of Office, Windows 8 is a sure winner. If, on the other hand, Office for iPad ships prior to the release of Windows 8, I am less sure Windows 8 can cause non-iPad tablet adoption.