Now I Remember Why I Love the Olympics

I am sitting at a table enjoying a very cold beer, reflecting on what happened tonight. I won’t act as the spoiler in case people are going to watch it on television, and the fact of the matter is that the details do not matter so much. I saw a country really proud of her star, and a couple races where the screaming home crowd influenced the British runner’s race. My favor race so far has been the Men’s 10,000 meter…guts and determination caused a great outcome. Hats off to Alberto Salazar and Nike’s Oregon Project…they set seemingly impossible goals and achieved some tonight.

Being away from my wife and kids for two weeks, and leaving work in the middle of a huge construction project are both difficult. Nevertheless, being around people from all over the world, and seeing athletes do the impossible is a great reminder why every four years I make this journey.

Posted April 22, 2014