Oregon Voters use iPads in Special Primary Election

A San Diego company, Everyone Counts, assisted Oregon voters in a recent special primary election by allowing voters to vote using Apple iPads. According to the MSNBC’s report, 89 voters took advantage of the software based voting system. The company’s CEO seemingly went out of her way to note that the company’s software is hardware agnostic and capable of functioning on multiple devices. I would assume the company uses standard internet protocols to achieve this independence. Interestingly, there was also a paper-based back up to verify the electronic records. I always like to think about this types of systems by compared them to ATMs. Early on, many people won’t consider performing any transactions via an ATM. Fast forward to now, I would wager to guess that ATM transactions outnumber actual in-bank transactions by a healthy multiple. What this means is that the combination of time and the lack of outward boggie-men scaring off ATM users, caused the common acceptance of the automated teller machines. Likewise, absent political pressures to not increase voter counts, I believe the twin success factors that caused ATM acceptance will also weigh heavy on internet voting acceptance and adoption.

Posted April 22, 2014