Skype and Ginger Ale

Various articles have offered opinions on Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion, in an all cash deal, and as a general matter, I’m happy my former employer is making the move into this space; I see great possiblities for interesting products. I was up late working on some documents and trying out my third batch of home made ginger ale when the news broke that a deal was pending. In all candor, my initial reaction was one part skeptism, one part dismay, all mixed in with a healthy helping of bewilderment. On the one hand, it reminds me of when the then Seattle Supersonics needed a big man to compete against Bill Cartwright and the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bills, and reached into its pocketbook to sign an aging Patrick Ewing. Here, as Microsoft competes with Apple and its hot iAnything products, and Google with its Android/Chrome lineup, Microsoft reached deep in its treasure to acquire the darling of a few years gone by, Skype. Ultimately, execution will determine if mighty MSFT will succeed and it will be an interesting ride to see how (if?) Skype is integrated into core Microsoft products.

As for the ginger ale, it takes a bit of magic to get this seemingly simple recipe perfected. This go-round, my air tight container wasn’t so tight and the batch turned out flat. I used perhaps just the right amount of ginger, not enough sugar and too much lemon. Next time, it will be perfect.