That’s Some Dirty Stuff

Since this blog fashions itself as a blog written by lawyers but on topics not always about law, and I came across a crazy article about mud running, I figured why not write a post! If you read my bio, you might have noticed that I was a runner in college (I like to say, “40 pounds ago”) so from time to time, I search out articles regarding what is going on in running circles. According to the article, over 10,000 people competed in the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris, Michigan, which included a 5K race with some “unusual obstacles: a line of old cars, a pond filled with logs, a cargo net, a rock wall, a tunnel of flames and a sinking mud pit.” After a small bit of research, it turns out that the original Mud Run was started by a former Marine and the participants were put through grueling, military-style challenges such as climbing up an 8-foot tower and leaping into a pit of mud. I guess it’s better than a pit of jello. I think.

Posted April 22, 2014