Track & Field has Begun!

Usually I don’t have much trouble figuring out what beginning words to use to start a post. Today is different. Seating in a small seat with my iPad on my lap, there is so much going on around me that blogging at this particular time does not seem nature; in fact, it seems just weird.

At track meets, usually the spectators are fans of the sport, knowledgable, and are attending to watch some good running, jumping, and throwing. The Olympics are different. Tickets are so difficult to obtain for any event that many people here are attending this session of track & field just because they were able to score tickets. All around me are folks attending their first track meet. This means enduring multiple rounds of “The Wave” around the stadium, cringing as people cheering and offering encouragement after the runners are in the blocks and after the command of “Set,” and observing many folks on tablets, ultra-books, and mobile smart devices, tapping, texting, and of course talking. So here I sit, me clicking away on my iPad, feeling like I’m letting down every track purist here as they assume I’m deep into Words with Friends.

Technology has it’s place. I’m leaving the iPad in my rental flat and will blog after the day’s event.

London is doing a great job hosting the games. Outside the Olympic Park is a place called Westfield Center where people gather, do a bit of shopping, take pictures with athletes who venture out of the Olympic Village, and generally hang out. Pretty fun.