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Business and contract disputes can have a significant impact on your business. To protect your interests and ensure that your company remains in the best position possible, contact Weiss Brown. Our knowledgeable Phoenix, AZ Business and Contract Disputes Attorney can provide guidance and represent you in court if necessary. Call (480) 327-6650 or message us online to arrange a consultation. 

Why Choose Our Business and Contract Disputes Attorney in Phoenix?

  • With us on your side, you can be confident that your dispute will be resolved in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 
  • Our team is skilled in developing creative strategies and solutions to resolve business and contract disputes and achieve successful outcomes. 
  • We help our clients protect their rights, avoid costly mistakes, and minimize any impact to their bottom line. 

Common Business and Contract Disputes

Some common types of business and contract disputes that often require legal assistance include the following:

Breach of Contract

One of the most common types of business and contract disputes is a breach of contract when one party fails to fulfill the terms of a contract. For example, failure to deliver goods or services, failure to pay for goods or services, failure to meet a deadline, misrepresentation or fraud, non-performance, or disputes over grounds for contract termination. 

Partnership Disputes

Partners or shareholders may disagree on the direction or management of the business or feel that the other has breached their fiduciary duty.

Employment Disputes

When an employee feels that their employer has breached their employment contract or there is a disagreement over wages, hours, or working conditions.

Intellectual Property Disputes

When one party accuses another of infringing on their patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

Non-Compete Disputes

When a party feels that a non-compete agreement has been breached, often when a competing business is started, or work is done for a competitor.

Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims

When one party has been intentionally misled or deceived by the other party, often through false statements or misrepresentations.

Business and Contract Dispute Remedies

Most business and contract disputes can be resolved outside of court with the help of an attorney. A lawyer can be an invaluable asset in these scenarios, as they will provide legal advice and guidance throughout the process of resolving the dispute and develop a strategy that takes into account your company’s interests, goals, and priorities. Here are some methods frequently used to remedy these situations. 


Parties can attempt to negotiate a settlement on their own, informally, or through a structured mediation process. 


Parties can agree to submit the business or contract dispute to an arbitrator, who will make a binding decision on the matter. This process is generally faster and less formal than going to court, and the arbitrator’s decision is typically final and cannot be appealed.


Legal action can be necessary in some cases, especially when negotiations or arbitration fail. An attorney can represent you in court, where a judge or jury will decide the matter. The damages awarded can be actual or consequential, including compensation for lost profits, costs incurred, or other harms suffered.

Specific Performance

This remedy is often used in cases where monetary damages are not sufficient to remedy the harm caused by a breach of contract. A court can order specific performance, forcing one party to go through with performing their contractual obligations as previously agreed upon.


Recession allows the parties to cancel the contract and return to their pre-contractual position. This remedy is often used in cases where one party has been fraudulently induced to enter into the contract.

Are You Facing a Business or Contract Dispute?

Discuss the details of your business or contract dispute with our skilled Phoenix Business and Contract Disputes Attorney at Weiss Brown. Arrange a consultation today by calling (480) 327-6650 or sending us a message online.

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